domenica 25 novembre 2012

Iterations: Collective Wisdom

owlRecently, while traveling, I came across a ?traditional print business magazine? and read it on the plane. It had nothing to do with startups, so it felt novel. There was one segment in the magazine where the editors solicited a few business leaders to share the most important advice they?ve ever received, and I found it to be unexpectedly powerful. So, I decided to try it on people that I look up to in the startup world, and below is what they wrote. I figured for folks in the startup community, the advice that stuck with others that we recognize as leaders could have a positive impact. Below is what a few folks shared with me, and I see the result as sort of an experiment. I just emailed a good handful of folks, asked for some contributions, and seven folks were kind enough to write back. Their contributions make up a simple, good list. I hope you enjoy it. (I?m trying to experiment with new content styles to expand out from the type of posts I normally write here. I?d appreciate any suggestions you may have.)


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