domenica 7 ottobre 2012

How France?s Government Screwed Its Entrepreneurs So Hard They Became Pigeons

wearepigeonsIt's ironic that for a country that invented the word entrepreneur, that France has gained such a reputation for being frosty towards startups. Take French culture, where talk of money is generally frowned upon in favour of which �cole you went to, or your opinion on philosophy or politics. Of course, this is a huge charictarure, but it's the kind of background noise against which many French startup entrepreneurs have to battle, despite their increasingly healthy numbers in recent years. And they have indeed battled and fought. But was it all in vain now they have a stridently Left-wing government intent on taxing startups to within an inch of their life? And what will happen now that Canada's Quebec region has announced plans to woo 50,000 French entrepreneurs with a raft of new incentives? No wonder many entrepreneurs mounted a protest this afternoon in Paris, in front of the National Assembly. It's time for a look the the predicament of "Les Startup Miserables".


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