venerdì 19 ottobre 2012

Health, Yes! Startup Health Launches An AngelList For Healthtech Investors, Startups & Innovators

Screen shot 2012-10-18 at 4.43.04 PMIf you don’t know about Startup Health and you’re a healthtech investor or entrepreneur (or at all interested in the space,) you need to rectify that. After all, as evidenced by the launch of another solid, differentiated health-focused startup accelerator last week, there is a lot of public, private and entrepreneurial attention shifting to the industry. Compared to the majority of business incubators, Startup Health has an unusual model, as it doesn’t offer seed investments and its startups stay enrolled in its program for three years. Rather focusing on demo days or seed rounds, Startup Health wants to help founders build a sustainable, growth business by providing a support structure, classes, courses (and a structured curriculum), a collaborative peer network and access to potential partners, customers and mentors. The accelerator also works with sponsors, like AT&T and the California Healthcare Foundation, to provide scholarships that help cover the costs of the program. These sponsors and partners also provide potential funding channels for startups, as many of them operate in the space and can help provide beta testers and capital that allow teams to test products and models. Startup Health takes two to ten percent equity in its companies, determining its stake based on how much it can improve their key metrics over the course of the three-year program, like revenue, team size, partnerships, key customer relationships, product success and fundraising. Last month, Jordan sat down with Startup Health co-founder Unity Stoakes to dig into the accelerator’s model and discuss, among other things, its addition of 12 more startups to its roster, bringing the total to 22. Now, even if you’re a naysayer and don’t find much in Startup Health’s arsenal to write home about, it’s hard not to see the value in the accelerator’s latest announcement. Today, Startup Health opened up access to the “Startup Health Network,” a platform designed to help improve access to capital, customers and resources — both for healthtech entrepreneurs, investors and knowledge seekers. Said in a sexier (and perhaps more telling way), the Startup Health Network is basically an AngelList for healthtech. With a splash of CrunchBase. At beta launch, the network features more than 1,200 healthtech startups, 700 entrepreneurs, 400 VC firms, 180 angel investors and a litany of customers, partner organizations, payers, providers, pharma companies, foundations, etc. The network also offers users the ability to message each other, but this functionality is only


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