giovedì 27 settembre 2012

This Mr. Coffee K-Cup Maker Is Your Convenience-Is-King Deal of the Day [Dealzmodo]

Some people love to complain about K-Cups—y'know, the single serving pods that produce a cup of coffee in seconds. Sure, they may be envirommentally wasteful, they might not make the best tasting cup of coffee, and a K-Cup costs more than an equivalent amount of coffee beans. But for some people, coffee is just a way to deliver caffeine, and for that, the K-Cup is a perfect solution. Making a K-cup is simple: add water, add the coffee pod, and press a button. Cleanup's even easier. Often, this kind of convenience is reserved for offices and schools, where time and tidiness are at a premium. But today, the Mr. Coffee Single Cup Brewer—which uses K-Cups—is 39% off at Amazon, which means you can still pick up a reusable K-Cup and still save money. Never again will you clean a french press full of grinds and have to decide whether they go in the trash or the sink. [Amazon] More »


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