domenica 29 luglio 2012

Move Over, Pebble: MetaWatch?s New ?Strata? Aims To Make A Splash On Kickstarter Too

strata2Sure, the Pebble has nabbed its share of headlines and accolades lately, but that doesn't mean it's got the nascent smart watch market all sewed up. Case in point: veteran MetaWatch recently pulled back the curtains on its new Strata smart watch, and it's already picking up plenty of steam on (where else?) Kickstarter. Unlike some of the other smartwatch concepts that have been dreamed up in recent months, the Strata is the brainchild of a known quantity. MetaWatch has been tackling the problem of putting topical information on people's wrists for nearly eight years now -- the company's roots lay with the clothing and accessory mavens at Fossil, which produced a pair of fashion-conscious smart timepieces in May 2011 before the team split off and formed their own company that August.


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