domenica 4 novembre 2012

Iterations: All The News That?s Fit To Reinvent

newstandIf there was a time-lapse video chronicling how humans have shared and received news information throughout history, the transcript of that video would go something like this: Chest-thumping. Hand gestures. Screaming. Cave paintings. Language. Carrier pigeons, or personal messengers. Scrolls and the printing press. Pamphlets, periodicals, telegrams, and newspapers. Eventually, television, and the Web, most recently fueled by blogs and social networks. Whatever the time period, humans have constantly (re)invented new mediums and channels to get information (despite paywalls), some faster than others. Fast-forward today, with social firmly stitched into the web?s fabric, it?s cliche to point out there are a dizzying amount of information sources and channels from which to find this information. Stepping back from firehose, I see people receiving and consuming news through the following three main avenues listed below. (As a disclaimer, (1) I won't be able to list each and every service in each category, because that would be impossible; (2) some of the examples are influenced by multiple categories, but I'm trying to isolate and highlight the essence of each service's offering; and (3) I realize many, many people still get their information via traditional channels like network/cable television and print daily newspapers.)


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