mercoledì 15 agosto 2012

This Lego Star Wars Sith Fury-class Interceptor Is Your Lego-Is-My-Ally Deal of the Day [Dealzmodo]

I've been a fan of these little building blocks since I was a kid and threw a temper tantrum when my weeks of saving allowance and doing extra chores turned out to be one week short of the money I needed for a Lego Space Shuttle. In the last two decades or so, Lego has really out done itself. The company might be 80 years old now, but they somehow still manage to tap into the creative mind of the 6-year-old in all of us. Lego Star Wars makes me wish I was a kid again. I spent a rather large amount of time building Lego Star Wars ships with my nephews over Christmas. It was a lot more fun than it should've been even though my nephew is a control-freak who color coordinated the brick piles after I spilled them onto the floor. Anyway, if you want to have some fun and revert back to a kid again, check out this Lego Star Wars Fury-class Interceptor at a 21% discount. More »


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