martedì 14 agosto 2012

Boom Makes Your Mac Speakers Go Up To 11

BOOM_icon_512x512The sound booster Mac App called Boom will be releasing its Mountain Lion version on the Apple Store tomorrow. If you have ever wished you could raise the volume on your speakers higher than the maximum level that Apple allows (or to 11), you should check out the low-cost app Boom. The app boosts the volume of Skype chats, Netflix movies, badly recorded YouTube videos, music, or any sound that comes out of your Mac speakers. It's also useful in loud environments or when you want to just pump up the volume. Boom, made by India-based Global Delight, already has a 4 rating on the Apple's App Store for its earlier versions. The software was first released at Macworld 2011 and won a Best of Show Award. An earlier version of the software was Mountain Lion compatible, but some bugs have been fixed, and a notification feature added.


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